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Big enterprises need evolved
biometric attendance system!


  • 100% detection of fake fingers stops proxy attendance & unauthorised access.
  • Push technology ensures realtime biometric attendance.
  • 40% cost saving in installation charges.
  • Finger template on cloud helps mapping of employee on multiple devices.

Cuckoo Tech is the evolved Biometric Attendance System for the 21st century organizations.

Because it comprises the best of both worlds —

  • The Biometric attendance machine: It comes with state of the art, patented Virdi biometric attendance devices. The international biometric device leader, loaded with most advanced features. It can handle large numbers in manpower intensive industries, with precision and accuracy. And comes with the advanced fingerprint scanners, face recognition features and fake-finger detection technology.
  • The device: Our innovative ADIS interface platform connects the biometric machine data with attendance server on cloud. This seamless connection gives you the best real time results.  The real time data on Cloud, seamless attendance data transfer between the biometric machine and the enterprise software makes the real difference. We pioneered the cloud technology in India and its usage in HR automation. So you won’t face any teething problems in attendance data transfer which are sure to happen with vendors who are new to cloud technology.