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Visitor Management

Our visitor management and access control system is a complete end to end solution for tracking the movement of people in and out of the premises. Using our system, you can track the check-in and check-out flows of visitors, service providers and employees. Contactless access and CoViD specific trackers helps track accurate information for the safety and security of your premises.

Employee Module

  • Invite visitors –Invite visitors through the mobile application. QR code based direct entry into the premises provides a smooth VIP experience.
  • Calendar availability updates –Update your calendars for visiting hours or block visitors by default if you are busy in meetings or not in office.
  • Track visitor history – All visitors who have come to meet you can be tracked through the employee application.
  • Quick invite frequent visitors – Your frequent visitor can be invited through a simple two click process.
  • Deny Impromptu Meetings – If you are busy and cannot attend to a visitor, you can deny entry and meeting to the visitor through the app directly.

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