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A World-Class Time Attendance System
designed for flexibility, productivity and better business decisions!


  • Rule engine that can handle more than 40+ comp the cloud combination of attendance policy.
  • Realtime biometric attendance data integration to attendance software.
  • Punch extraction utility that can pull attendance data from almost all biometric devices.
  • Attendance regularisation based on attendance rules defined.
  • Mobile attendance using GPS. #Geofence #Geolocation with SAP | Successfactor | ERP systems.

It Is The 21st Century Time and Attendance Capturing System!

Cuckoo Tech is created for the progressive, growing businesses. It is designed to tackle all possible attendance management scenarios —

  • Like: Work from home in IT industry, employees servicing multiple stores in a single day in retail chains, multi-shift manufacturing units, flexible hours work planning in BPO, KPO and hospitality industry.

These are just the general scenarios...We do extensive torture testing on Cuckoo Tech to solve extreme time attendance challenges... The challenges you may never face. But if it happens, Cuckoo Tech will save the day for you!

We are so confident because it is tested and proven in almost all industries, all kinds of locations. All kinds of complexities.

If you feel you have a special scenario, bring it on! We love taking challenges. Call us for a special scenario challenge!

With powerful dashboards and real time data, the central management can track the workforce in various locations, minute-by-minute. They can compare the productivity and performance of the workforce in various locations with a few clicks.

And with our intelligent finger print templates, the floating workforce can register their finger-print once, and get the attendance marked in multiple locations as per the given permissions. They get the access. No need to register multiple times.

Our attendance system reports are created to empower the HR managers in the boardroom. You can use these insights for contractor management decisions, manpower requirement and cost estimations with ease.

That's why management as well as employees love Cuckoo Tech!


Cuckoo Tech Allows Multiple Ways of Capturing the Attendance.

As per modern business demands Cuckoo Tech can capture attendance in multiple modes:

  • From face detection to biometric fingerprint detection, mobile device attendance capturing, we cover it all.

Our biometric devices use fake-finger print detection technology which is a great protection against mischief mongers and proxy attendance markers.

Here is a Detailed Look at Our Enterprise
Attendance System

Today’s Time Attendance [T&A] Specialist: Cuckoo Tech

Cuckoo Tech Enterprise Time Attendance Management System works on the principle of biometric attendance, attendance software & after sales services. All integrated to help you take quick decisions for attendance planning, and helps management to take corrective actions for manpower planning.

Realtime Biometric Attendance System Features & Highlights

Push Technology

Realtime seamless availability of time and attendance tracking.

Patented Biometric Device

Patented technology for detection of fake & live finger. 100% stopping of proxy attendance. Highly recommended for secured environment.

Remote Site Connectivity

SIM based, WIFI available on biometric devices.

Integrated Biometric Attendance

Seamless flow of data from attendance to leave and paid days to payroll.

Plug & Play Devices

No software installation on client or server.

Online Enterprise Time Attendance Software.

Attendance Rules

Time attendance policy, shift planning, reminders, working hours policy [Full day & half day], late come & over time policy.

Attendance Rostering

Manage workforce planning & attendance on realtime for multi-location scenario using online web interface.

Attendance Workflows

Attendance regularisation, requests & approvals.

Attendance on Mobile

Field force attendance, geotag the attendance, geofence the attendance. Online tracking of sites visited. Native app for IOS and android.

Attendance Controller Dashboard

Present days, absentee data, out-door counts, clocked in late & early go, working hours.

Attendance MIS

Trends, analysis, graphical reports, MIS.


Improve employee’s engagement on the attendance platform. Leader board, coupon redemption.

Attendance Integration

Integrate attendance data with enterprise solution. SAP, successfactors, and any other management solution, using secured API.

Time & Attendance Services

Reduce Cost

Engineers & specialist not required to maintain time attendance machine. Realtime biometrics support can be done online.

Empower HR and IT

HR & IT can manage / support data & device from any location using online web based application.

Time Attendance Software Consulting

Configuring Multi location attendance, break shift planning, online & Real time information on mobile, clock time using various attendance mode, management reports, dashboard, alerts, are the few area of our expertise.

Time To Change Is Now!

Time is money—is not just a saying, it is a reality in business. And organisations are taking time attendance automation seriously. It is time to change. No business can grow 5X on old technology. Use the new age technology to get the competitive advantage, to integrate your human resource planning.

  • It will also provide the accuracy and flexibility, a need for interconnected 21st century organisation.
  • Cuckoo Tech is a breakthrough in HR automation technology. The only solution that meets and surpasses the expectations.
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